Opera spanga tickets


Foundation Spanga the Verona of Weststellingwerf, hereafter referred to as Opera Spanga, is responsible fort he organization.

  1. The ticket of admission gives the holder the right toattendance of the performance on the date specified on the ticket. The ticket is issued once and gives admittance to one person. Only the holder of said ticket who shows it first at the beginning of the event is to be admitted.
  2. From the moment that the ticket is released to the purchaser, he/she therefore assumes the risk of its loss, theft, damage or misuse of the ticket. Restitution is not possible, also not in the case of illness or other indispositions of the purchaser. Cancellation insurance can be obtained through Ticketscript.
  3. The purchaser is expected to keep the ticket for a performance for himself and not to make it available to someone else by re-selling it, offering it for sale or using it for commercial purposes.
  4. I fit is ascertained that the ticket has been forged, Opera Spanga is justified in refusing the ticket holder’s (further) admittance to the event, without the customer’s being able to sue for any inconvenience or loss which he may suffer as a result.
  5. In the case of force majeur in the broadest sense of the term, including in this context illness or cancellation of the artist(s), strikes, fire, bad weather etc. Opera Spanga reserves the right to postpone the event to a later date or to cancel the event. Restitution is not possible in the case of force majeur.
  6. It is forbidden to make photo, film or other recordings of the performance, unless otherwise announced at the beginning of the performance. 
  7. Opera Spanga processes personal data of customers and visitors to its websites in accordance with the Dutch law protecting personal data. Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens.
  8. Dutch law is applicable to these general conditions and to any agreement between the customer and Opera Spanga.
  9. Any disputes which might result from an agreement between Opera Spanga and the customer will be exclusively dealt with by a certified judge.