The Electric Flute


Leeuwarder Courant **** (Rudolf Nammensma)
'Floris van Bergeijk's music (Britten meets Zappa meets Sondheim with a dash of blues and plenty of heavy beats, performed by a five-person band) was original and better suited to this version than Mozart's sound palette(…)'
'Corina van Eijk is not merely a name, it is a trademark. She and her team guarantee operas packaged in surprising waywardness. Their approach varies from a breath of fresh air to a tornado that blows away all cliches.'
'Beautiful acting, strong singing, in short a van Eijk production at its best.'

Theaterkrant **** (Kester Freriks)
'The opera is like a road movie. Everywhere cars are  being driven on the stage and on the screen, and jig-sawed autos glide through the decor. This makes for beautiful moments. The production is greatly enhanced by its originality and frequent intangibility of the script. Van Bergeijk's music , with its smooth fusion of jazz, classical and pop, helps to make this a special experience.'
'(…) the acting style of The Electric Flute is, just like the music, a mixture of styles, where comedy and satire predominate. And the direction has at its disposal an excellent cast of singers who also master the art of acting.'

NRC Handelsblad *** (Kasper Jansen)
It is a dream production with a young international cast of good singers.(…)'
'Once again there are amazing and playful effects on an enormous video wall.'

Friesch Dagblad (Jelle Terwal)
'An excellent choice, with an abundance of creative ideas in the plot.'
'The icing on the cake was the "live" decor on the truck, consisting of magnificent and carefully assembled atmospheric images. The free interpretation would most likely have appealed to Mozart.'