Stuyvesant Zero

an opera in 2 scenes and a debate


Volkskrant by Frits van der Waa (3 stars)
'Nice to see how in both operas human shortcomings are exposed with an exceptionally sharp dissecting knife.’

NRC by Kasper Jansen (4 stars)
'This year the opera marathon on four locations surpasses everything. The heated confrontations provide for a very strong scene.

Leeuwarder Courant by Rudolf Nammensma
'The Blessebrugschans location had a fantastic effect.’
'…about love and religion. Two rewarding topics in this context that gave an extra dimension the experiencing the opera.

Theaterkrant by Oswin Schneeweisz
'Van Eijk, always good for a huge portion of unorthodox music theater, put her own spin on it. '…superbly sung and acted by Marcel van Dieren, Klara Uleman, Sinan Vural and Pearlmira Vincent.'
‘Composer Caroline Ansink provided a capricious, dynamic score that (…) keeps grabbing the listener by the collar.

Place de l’opera by Mylou Mazali
'Marcel van Dieren seems to have been preparing himself for an eternity for this strong role and he slips into the skin of Peter Stuvesant in an outstanding manner.
'The Jewish butcher Asher Levy (very convincing Sinan Vural)…'
'Smoke frames the first bars of the second act ominously as the media spectacle begins.’
'5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ZERO! Clock strokes literally hammer us awake. Literally. But I hope figuratively as well.