Rigoletto (film)

Guiseppe Verdi/Francesco Maria Piave

The summer of 2003 saw the premiere of the opera film Rigoletto.
The audience was seated on a covered grandstand at the scene of the crime, the very spot where Rigoletto's daughter dies. The projection screen was located at the edge of a lake, in the middle of the wetlands. The audience was captivated by the surround sound of the screen.
The story in a nutshell: Rigoletto wants to protect his daughter. Daddy's girl is too pure for this sordid world, she is a permanent resident of the realm of virgins. Gilda, however, who interacts with her hormones for a brief but intense moment, refuses to be reined in by anyone.

In September, 2004, Rigoletto was nominated for a "Golden Statue" in the category Art and Culture.

Rigoletto was broadcasted on Netherlands, Omrop Fryslân, Canadian TV and in England.
The DVD went on sale in the Netherlands, England and Italy.