Pagliacci & Il Tabarro

Opera Spanga presents Pagliacci & Il Tabarro

For 30 years Opera Spanga has been making non-conformist opera productions. In the summer of 2019 the opera company from the Frisian hamlet of Spanga will present a double bill with Puccini’s Il Tabarro (The Cloak, 1918) and Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci (The Clowns, 1892). In both operas female infidelity is the central theme. The characters of Nedda (Pagliacci) and Giorgetta (Il Tabarro) are not driven by lust but by the urgent need to reinvent themselves. 

The performance starts with Pagliacci. Nedda, actress in her husband Canio’s theatre company, wants to be free but fears her husband. She falls for the lively and tender Silvio. When Canio discovers the affair the consequences are dramatic. In Il Tabarro Giorgetta and her husband Michele have become alienated from each other as the result of their child’s death. The unhappy Giorgetta is looking for comfort with Luigi, one of the crewmembers aboard her husband’s barge. Michele grows suspicious and starts spying on his wife. In this opera female infidelity has far reaching consequences as well.