The heartbreaking emotion jealousy inspired William Shakespeare to write Othello in 1604. William Shakespeare's words were used by Giuseppe Verdi in 1887 for the compelling opera Otello. Composer Floris van Bergeijk, musical director Tjalling Wijnstra and artistic director Corina van Eijk will take you on a journey through events and feelings you would rather stay far from in your everyday life in summer 2024. The all female international cast will give you an unerring insight into the fucked up human brain.

The performance can be seen in the tent at Lindedijk 11 in Spanga, from 13 July to 3 August at 20:30. You can join us for the picnic from 6pm in our restaurant in Geert's stable, but of course you can also have the picnic on a rug on the endless fields around the performance tent overlooking the natural beauty of the Rottige Meenthe.