Leeuwarder Courant, 24 June 2002
'Van Eijk directed Strawinsky in a striking way, sharp and surprising, this time not in the usual tent in Spanga but with sound enhancement on Van Nahijs Square. Two actual houses formed the decor with their interiors and all the surroundings, including the softly murmuring fountain in the background.'

Zwolsche Courant, 22 June 2002
'Director Corina van Eijk has opened up her creative bag of tricks and put together an action line that changes at lightning speed and demands the ultimate from eye and laughing muscles. (...) The performance proceeds like clockwork and abounds in humor.'

Algemeen Dagblad, 25 June 2002
'Van Eijk has avoided the Dutch theater scene for years. Every second year she produces an opera in a field near the Frisian village of Spanga, and since she has been subsidized, a smaller traveling production in the off years. She often shifts the setting to another time or place. Others do this as well, but in the case of van Eijk it is never illogical or ugly.'

NRC Handelsblad, June 2002
'As with previous productions of Opera Spanga, van Eijk's directing is characterized by a sparkling perfectionism in her work with the actors. This leads to a great number of comic moments.'