Madam Scrooge




Nell Westerlaken, Volkskrant, 15 December 2022
De Volkskrant chose us as number 5 in the list of best trips during the Christmas holidays.

Roelie Fopma, NRC, 23 December 2022
"The novella has been humorously edited in Langelille."
"A sparse line-up that nevertheless forms a full-fledged cast. The music trio is absolutely admirable: never knew that a cello, clarinet and accordion together can form a whole orchestra. The closing song 'We thank the spirits that Scrooge can finally give' is thanks to this collective a beautiful Christmas carol."

Rudolf Nammensma, Leeuwarder Courant, 27 December 2022
"Before the transformation is a fact, enjoy the countless variations on the original."

"After a delightful solo scene, in which Madam becomes unwell when pronouncing the word 'give', she changes.
Wijnstra's music excellently underlines the atmosphere of the scenes, sometimes has something cinematic and surprises with appropriate folkloric elements. His three-man orchestra (accordion, cello and clarinet) performs miracles."