Gianni Schicchi (film)


'Director Corina van Eijk presents libertine operas and keeps her hands tightly on the reins. She is the personification of director’s theater, nothing is sacred for her. She puts her own spin on everything: the story, the music, the staging. In addition she constantly makes use of new possibilities.'
NRC Handelsblad (Kasper Jansen)

'Artistic leader and director Corina van Eijk miraculously makes the opera plot her own, with feeling for the grotesque and over-the-top Italian drama and humor.'
'Gianni Schicchi is totally film opera, magnificently staged, sung , visualized and acted.'
'With her directing of this Gianni Schicchi she shows that the language and the expressive possibilities of the opera are far from exhausted.'
Theaterkrant (Kester Freriks)

'She (Corina van Eijk) paid attention to the nuances in their facial expressions and masterfully visualized refinement, disappointment, arrogance and boredom.'
'The ensemble acting of all the soloists was of a high quality. Gianni Schicchi maintained contact with the audience, just as Oliver Hardy did, with  a look into the camera.'
Leeuwarder Courant (Rudolf Nammensma)

'It (Gianni Schicchi) begins impressively. On a large film screen you see the dying Buoso Donati, whose inheritance attracts the family members like fruit flies to a ripe peach.'
'Puccini’s openings measures become film music and suddenly lean towards the soundtrack of Hitchcock’s Vertigo.'
'With comic close-ups and atmospheric  Italian city views which reflect through the stark reality of the death chamber, she (Corina van Eijk) has delivered an excellent opera film.'
Volkskrant (Biëlla Lutmer)