Falstaff rivisto

Giuseppe Verdi & Floris van Bergeijk/Arrigo Boito

The opera libretto is both witty and sensitive. Falstaff is not only a villain, but a sad individual as well. He continually falls prey to his addictions, namely eating, women and his lack of introspection. Although he is somewhat more dignified, he displays a certain similarity to Donald Duck-- he too seems to emerge anew from his egg every day. Good humored, equipped with an enormous appetite, he rushes headlong into the same snare that he dangled from yesterday.

For this adaptation of Verdi’s masterpiece Falstaff, Opera Spanga collaborated with Rosa Ensemble. Rosa Ensemble is a sassy, inspiring group which has assumed a unique position in the music world by operating on the cutting edge of  every imaginable sort of contemporary music. The ensemble has achieved considerable acclaim in the area of  electronic-acoustic sound sources in a theater context. In Rosa Ensemble Opera Spanga has found a partner in its against-the-grain approach to the score.