Donna Giovanna (film)


Kersten Freriks - Theaterkrant
'Director Corina van Eijk’s idea is both so brilliant and so simple that you wonder why it was never done before.'
'(…) the result is staggering.'
'(…) in Jolanda Lanslots fascinating design. The quality of both cast en crew are exceptional.'
'Reminiscences of the famous film The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover (1989) by Peter Greenaway come to mind.'  

Rene Seghers - Luister
'Although the influences of minimal music are clear, you could also call it maximal music, for Van Bergeijk has developed the idiom to virtually baroque heights.'
'(…)Musically Van Bergeijks concept is not only unique, but also effervescent. You do not miss Mozart’s orchestration for a second, and gradually it becomes clear that if Mozart had not already composed his melodies in the late 18th century they could have conquered the world all over again in this form.'
'(…) because right up to the last note the music ran from climax to climax and the actors played superbly.'
'The Da Ponte libretto has been cleverly concentrated into a contemporary tale that unfolds with momentum and flair. Your attention doesn’t waver for a moment, nor does your eye stray from the screen for a second. With relatively simple film techniques the world of Donna Giovanna comes to life.'

Paul Herruer- Dagblad van het Noorden
'Donna Giovanna the film (…) can certainly be called visually surprising.'

Rudolf Nammensma - Leeuwarder Courant
'When you have tuned your car radio to the right frequency you hear in splendid stereo how Van Eijk has given  new life to the phenomenon “opera film".'
'Van Eijk has successfully transformed Mozart’s dramma giocoso Don Giovanni into the musical comedy Donna Giovanna.'

Frits van de Waa - Volkskrant
'Lovely to see how in the film human shortcoming is laid bare with an especially sharp scapel.'