Opera Spanga brings Carmen to its new location at 11 Lindedijk in Spanga.
24/27/29/31 July and 3/5/7 August at 8:15 pm

Featuring: Itzel Medecigo as Carmen, Eric Reddet as Don José, Aylin Sezer as Micaëla, David Visser as Escamillo, Graziella Debattista as Mercedes, Sophie Collin as Frasquita, Kyle Bejnerowicz as Morales, Jop van Gennip as Le Dancaïre, Wessel Wirken as Zuniga, Fred Turner as Lillas Pastia, and many others.

Musical direction: Tjalling Wijnstra | Decor: Marjan Boukes | Costume: Pieter van Rooij | Light: Henk Post | Production: Sterre Bijl | Campaign image: Nikki Pelaez | Graphic design: Maya Schiffers

Carmen is one of the most popular operas in the world. Now seen in a new direction by Corina van Eijk

The story
The attractive young woman Carmen seems to have her life under control. But she is guided by fears: she is afraid of not being found attractive and she is afraid of having to deal with the people around her. And with itself. Fear of having to give up her greatest addiction, the loneliness, that hollow feeling inside.
Carmen is a wreck, she keeps herself going through alcohol and insatiable flirt parties. Don José's unconditional love for Carmen drives them both into the abyss.