Carmen is one of the most popular operas in the world.
Now seen in a new direction by Corina van Eijk.

The story
Carmen has honey on her ass. Wherever she goes, both men and women look after her lickingly. It seems as if she is benefiting from the idea that everyone and everyone wants to share a bed with her. In fact, she seems to be in perfect control of her life.

But when we look through her beautiful exterior, we see that she is boiling over. We see blind panic. We see fear of not being found attractive, fear of really having to do something with the people around us. And met himself. She fears for her greatest addiction - the loneliness, all that devouring hollow feeling within - to specify.

Carmen staggers her way through life, barely holding herself together through insatiable flirting parties.

At the same time, José’s great unconditional love for Carmen drives them both into the abyss.


New measures (July 10, 2021)

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