Carmen in Delfzijl


Leeuwarder Courant
'The stagings that van Eijk has created speak for themselves. They are varied, colorful, playful and surprising, as we are accustomed to seeing in her work.(...) For years van Eijk has been transforming opera into an art form full of life. (...) Goosebumps!'

Dagblad van het Noorden
'To begin with, this northern Carmen is an exemplary collaboration of professional and amateur art: orchestra and soloists from Opera Spanga together with a fine chorus and two good soloists from the Delfzijl Art Center IVAK. It is also a production where the signature of director Corina van Eijk can be seen everywhere. She has relieved the work of superfluous scenes and made her blond-wigged Carmen not a southern man-eater but a young girl in search of something like love.'

NRC Handelsblad
'As always this production of director Corina van Eijk is unconventional. (...) Carmen has golden blond hair and is a drug addict and a pole dancer. The atmosphere is cynical and sexually charged.'