Anne & Zef | NL

Monique Krüs/Ad de Bont

Anne Frank died in concentration camp Bergen-Belsen. Zef, an Albanian boy of today, is the victim of a blood feud. They meet in heaven and ascertain that in spite of cultural differences they have a lot in common. Anne is a writer; Zef likes to act. Both have problems with their parents at times. They tell about their lives, becoming closer and closer as they do so.

This, in a nutshell is the story of the compelling youth opera, Anne & Zef.

Anne is sung by the Dutch-Iranian soprano Lilian Farahani (1990), baritone Benjamin de Wilde (1994) interprets Zef. The music is played by members of the Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra/ Dutch Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Huba Höllokö.

Playwrighter Ad de Bont wrote the libretto fort his opera, basing it on his successful play Anne en Zef, which was inspired by the Diary of Anne Frank. The music was written by the Dutch composer Monique Krüs. Staging is by Corina van Eijk: 'Both children were locked up until their deaths. But they meet in absolute freedom: the hereafter. Our intention is to show that not much has changed since Anne Frank. People are still locked up in places we do not know about. We don’t get news bulletins about them. The facts come to light only years later. Thanks to Anne Frank we know a lot more about life during World War II. Although the subject matter is not light, through the gripping music specially composed for the young singers Anne & Zef is a production which is both exciting and heart-warming.’

Suitable for children 12 years old and older as well as for adults. Anne & Zef is commissioned by Nedpho and Opera Spanga.