Aida | NL



Aida, a princess from a faraway land, is the victim of a lost battle back in her native country The victorious general Radames, who is in love with her, has brought her back home as spoils of war and as a slave for Amneris, his King’s daughter. This way, he can be close to her.

When the troops from Aisa’s country stage a counter attack, Radames is proclaimed supreme commander by the high priest, Ramfis. Everyone hopes that he will return victorious from the battlefield, but Aida realizes that his victory will mean the defeat of her brothers.

Amneris tricks Aida into admitting that she is in love with Radames, as is Amneris herself. But a slave will always lose out to a princess. Aida comes close to disclosing her own royal descent.

Radames is received triumphantly. As thanks for his heroic deeds, Radames is not only offered Amneris’ hand in marriage but the King also grants Radames’wish that the slaves be freed, much to the chagrin of Ramfis and his priests. Only Aida and her father remain behind as human collateral.

At night Amneris and Ramfis are praying in the temple for a successful marriage. Aida is waiting for Radames, but it is not Radames but her father who appears, demanding that she coax military secrets from Radames. She refuses, he threatens.

Radames and Aida decide to flee together to her country and she gets him to divulge the army’s strategic plan. Amonasro plans to use these secrets to defeat the enemy and in return offers Radames freedom and glory.

Amneris confronts Aida, Radames and Amonasro. Ramfis kills Amonasro, but Aida manages to escape. Radames is condemned to being buried alive for treason. Amneris is determined to save him. Radames, thinking that Aida has been killed, has no desire to be saved.Amneris confesses that Aida is still alive. If Radames wants to avoid death he must forget Aida and choose for a life withb Amneris. He chooses death.

Meanwhile Aida has shut herself up in the tomb in order to die with Radames. Above the tomb, Amneris expresses her grief. When the bloodthirsty Ramfis shows Amneris the two dead lovers she begs not for vengeance but for peace.