Ewa Pradzynska-Kostecka

business manager


Ewa Pradzynska-Kostecka is an event producer and culture manager. In the period 2017 – 2020 she has worked as a manager of BOTO Theater in Sopot, Poland. She organized concerts, exhibitions, cultural meetings and produced performances. During her time as a manager BOTO has become one of the most important jazz scenes in Poland. BOTO also hosted a lot of festivals, including Literacki Sopot (the biggest literary festival in Poland), Sopot Jazz Festival and Two Theaters Festival of the Polish Radio and Television. Each year Ewa has produced two theater festivals – Sopot Non-Fiction (the first and the biggest festival of documentary theater in Poland) and Sopockie Konsekwencje Teatralne.

Earlier Ewa has worked as a director’s assistant in The Dramatic Theater of the Capital City of Warsaw, as a sales manager in a publishing house and also as a lease manager. In her twenties she has co-organized or has been involved (at various levels - from being a volunteer to taking care of the artists) in many theater festivals in her home city, Poznan - the capital of the Polish alternative theater.

The whole experience she gained from such different positions helps her understand the complexity of event production.
As an actress she has performed at more than 40 theater festivals in Poland and abroad, including Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Mianyang Children’s Theater Festival in China.

Since January 2021 she lives with her husband and two cats in Groningen. She has worked as a volunteers’ coordinator during NonFiction Photo Festival 2021, which helped her to get to know the cultural scene in the Netherlands a little better.