2020 | WAKE UP!

Two operas about intolerance: Anne & Zef and The Others
A co-production with Rosa

WAKE UP! has a simple message for the audience - young and old: wake up! Stop going through life asleep. No longer accept everything you hear from your friends, your family, your neighbors, your teachers. Do'nt believe everything you see on a screen. The world is not a simple place with simple answers, divided into Good Guys and Bad Guys. Bad people sometimes do good things, and all too often good people are capable of terrible behavior.

75 years after the end of WWII it is time for all of us to wake up and look at the complexity of our own history. It is time for ourselves, our parents, our children and especially for the young, who will be the leaders of the future, to realize that those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it.



    A forum discussion was organized for the performances of Pagliacci & Il Tabarro. Subjects such as marital violence, misunderstanding in relationships and a sense of honor were publicly discussed. Program maker Bahram Sadeghi acted as the discussion leader. Guests were Peter Schouten (lawyer), Johan Gortworst (Federation Reception), Gerda de Groot (Center for Sexual Violence Friesland), Nelleke Stolk (lawyer), André van de Nadort (mayor Weststellingwerf) and Shirin Musa (Femmes for Freedom). View the compilations of the discussions on our YouTube channel (Dutch). Video editing: Dikla Zeidler.

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    The premiere of Pagliacci & Il Tabarro on Thursday, July 25 was a (tropical) party. On Monday, July 29, reviews appeared in Trouw, Volkskrant and NRC and in the weekend we already read raving reviews in Theaterkrant and Leeuwarder Courant / Dagblad van het Noorden.

    Theaterkrant wrote: "Opera Spanga remains exciting, even when it comes to two melodramas that are actually not that exciting anymore, but that seem to be able to say a lot about people and their problems in this combination."

    NRC: "The audience was allowed to sigh under the oppressive warmth, in the excavated orchestra pit and on stage the play continued to sparkle with energy."

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    In collaboration with the municipality of Weststellingwerf, the book Opera in het weiland was made, about 30 years of Opera Spanga. Journalist Kasper Jansen sketches a picture of developments in the past 30 years, in conversations with Corina van Eijk and a few loyal employees, such as Klara Uleman and Ali Veenhouwer. The book is illustrated with the most beautiful photos of various productions.

    The book (Dutch) can be ordered by e-mail via info@operaspanga.nl. The price of the book is € 15 (excl. shipping costs).