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    An official from the National Forest Service accompanies you on a historic open peat barge to acquaint you with this unknown piece of Friesland.




    Beeldend kunstenaar, verzinner, filmer, schrijver en amateurornitholoog O.C. Hooymeijer biedt op zijn atelier in Spanga, midden in de prachtige Rottige Meenthe, de workshop 'Vreemde vogels en meer' aan. Bereid je voor op een creatieve reis op het snijvlak van kunst, natuur en humor! Als deelnemer word je uitgedaagd om je fantasie ten volle in te zetten bij het scheppen van jouw fictieve vogel. Hooymeijer inspireert en begeleidt je hierbij op geheel eigen wijze. Uitgangspunt vormen de verhalen en tekeningen uit zijn boekje ‘De Kleine Gids voor de niet-bestaande Vogels van Europa’.


  • 2018: AIDA

    Since 1989 Opera Spanga has been presenting its own unique brand of music theater and opera films in the Frisian hamlet of Spanga. The productions appeal to a wide audience without making concessions in content or form. Under the auspices of Leeuwarden-Fryslan 2018 Opera Spanga is producing three Verdi classics: Macbeth (very successfully performed this past summer), La Traviata in the summer of 2017 and Aida in 2018. The latter will be performed not only in Spanga, but also in the splendid open air theater of Valletta , Teatro Rjal.

    Opera Spanga does not shy away from sending the audience home with unpleasant feelings. The choices are always unorthodox and never risk-free. This uncompromising way of working has attracted an extended, mixed and loyal audience which comes from the whole country and includes all age groups. For more than twenty-seven years Opera Spanga has staged operas from the heart and for the heart. The only predictable thing about Opera Spanga: expect the unpredictable!

    A selection of press reactions to recent productions:

    Romeo and Juliet, Paradise Lies under your Mother’s Feet (2013)
    Leeuwarder Courant: “And if the story is universally known, it is the way in which it is told that is important. You are in good hands with Corina van Eijk and her team.”

    Gianni Schicchi, opera film (2014)
    NRC Handelsblad: “Director Corina van Eijk presents opera in a libertine manner and she is in control of everything. She is the personification of director’s theater, For her, nothing is sacrosanct. She puts her own spin on everything: the story, the music, the staging. In addition she is constantly making use of new technology.”

    Theaterkrant: “Artistic leader and director Corina van Eijk miraculously bends the opera story to her own will, with feeling for the grotesque and thickly applied Italian drama and humor.”

    The Electric Flute (2015)
    Leeuwarder Courant: “Corina van Eijk is not merely a name, it is a trademark. She and her team guarantee operas packaged in surprising waywardness. Their approach varies from a breath of fresh air to a tornado that blows away all clichés. It is a dream production with a young international cast of good singers.”

    Macbeth (2016)
    Theaterkrant: “Her staging is surprising, witty and moving from the first note to the last. Her extreme interpretation is also extremely logical. Actually it is difficult to understand why no one has come up with it before.”

    NRC Handelsblad: “The supporting roles are also excellently interpreted.”

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